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Christine’s journey began January 2018 after a health crisis. In the past she suffered from depression, S.A.D., post partum, anxiety and 2 attempts at suicide. She didn’t realize she was an empath and that spirit/angels/loved ones were trying to communicate.


After 42 years, Christine has healed her depression & anxiety through meditation/intuition development/healthy, eating/emotional trauma release/inner child work/shadow integration (EGO) She found meaning and purpose by leaving the corporate world behind.

Christine is a Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Energy Coach & Old Soul Healer. She guides Empaths to unleash their gifts as lightworkers that are masked as depression & anxiety. Truth is you have always been intuitive and you have gifts to unleash towards your Soul's Purpose.
Corporate burnout, bullied, homeless, hopeless, narcissistic relationships, depressed, anxious and 2 attempts at suicide. I received divine intervention by the spiritual 2 x 4 to the head. Nearly dead to living my souls purpose as a medium, healer and chaplain. 
Focused attention to healing at a 360 degree level (Like the dragon flies high above to see everything at the 360 degree perspective. Physically/Mentally/Emotionally/& Spiritually)- related to energy, chakras, aura, ego, trauma, inner child work, astral travel, telepathy, ancestors, past lives and Christ consciousness. She guides empaths to unleash their gifts as lightworkers that are masked as depression & anxiety. You will discover that you have always been intuitive, that you have gifts (psychic, medium, empath, healer and more) She helps you heal at a 360 degree level. Through a series of sessions, becoming self-aware releases limiting beliefs, stuck energy, trauma’s, old wounds and stories. To uncover the magic, the alchemy, your soul's purpose and the unconditional love that’s always been there...from the beginning!

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Intuition Saved My Life
Intuition Saved My Life
Intuition Saved My Life: An Empaths Journey to Unconditional love, forgiveness, and healing. This is my memoir of my Dark Night of The Soul, my journey, and what my purpose is. Leading ultimately to yours.


“I continue the process you have taught me, it helps me to be 100% in my life”

— Catherine (France)
“Christine helped me awaken something in me I never knew existed!”

— Marsha (California)
“Christine helped me quiet my mind, tap into my intuition and access my higher self!”

— Brandi (Illinois)


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